The Weekly Binge

When it comes to watching movies online, Netflix’s instant streaming service is almost unrivaled in popularity with over 40 million customers across the world.  With that popularity, folks everywhere will eventually wonder (in a variety of languages), “What’s worth watching on instant streaming?”Well, you’re in luck.  Here are a few of my favorites that are available on Netflix in the USA:
Battle Royale
One of my favorite movies, this thriller is about a class of Japanese students who are brought to a deserted island, and forced to battle until only one is left alive.  The premise is simple, but the near-perfect pacing and exciting action makes this movie a violent thrill ride that’s easily worth watching.
Indie Game: The Movie
A documentary about independent game development and indie developers.  It’s a remarkably interesting and powerfully thought-provoking movie.  And it’s worth noting that it has a killer soundtrack.
The History of Future Folk
An alien comes to Earth to wipe out mankind so that his people may live there before an asteroid destroys their home planet, Hondo.  However, when he arrives, the alien encounters something that no one on any other planet had invented: music.  He decides to live on Earth, while trying to protect both Earth and Hondo.  It is supposed to be the “creation myth” for a real musical group called Future Folk, who play folk tunes about sci-fi themes like space-worms and galaxies.  This low-budget sci-fi gem has great acting, solid writing, and a fantastic soundtrack.  If you want to find a good family film, this’ll fit the bill.
The Babadook
If you hate feeling comfortable and safe in the dark, then this movie is perfect for you.  A monster from a strange book torments a mother and son in the creepiest way possible.  The Babadook is strange and unsettling in a way that hearkens back to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.  This movie isn’t about violence and jump scares, it’s about unsettling creepiness that gnaws at you even when the movie’s over.
Dead Snow
A group of friends go on vacation in an isolated mountain cabin. However, the trip starts to go south when Nazi zombies attack!  This movie combines the cathartic thrills of killing Nazis as well as killing zombies into one; it’s like a Reese’s Cup of satisfaction.  If you’re looking for zombies, dark humor, and extreme violence, then this is the movie for you.
A “found footage” movie about a group of college students who follow and film a professional troll hunter.  I’m not usually a fan of  “found footage” movies. Yet, Trollhunter’s excellent writing, acting, and pacing really won me over.  Fans of odd foreign films will absolutely dig Trollhu

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