Sick of Sarah: Anthem

After nearly a decade, Sick of Sarah has decided to self-release their music. After recently being named the country’s hottest lesbian band by Curve Magazine, they carefully cut down their list of songs to these six.

As I listened to this album on the new sound system in my friend’s apartment, I found myself bobbing my head with the songs. Sick of Sarah had a great chemistry on the tracks and their 10 years of experienced really paid off.

At no point did I feel the need to turn the volume down, I just wanted to be surrounded by the terrific vocals and the almost Blink 182 sound (you know, except for the female vocals).

Sick of Sarah creates a full sound without blowing out the speakers and overloading your senses. Every song feels complete and solid. There was no room for a filler track on this EP. Each song is packed with meaning for the band members and each one is sung like it is the last song they will ever get to play.
I love the sound of Sick of Sarah, but that is also the only complaint I have. They seem to have one sound and don’t stray very far. Up tempo, hard drums and plucky guitars is their M.O.. I would love to see a change in style on the full album.

The EP is set to release on June 30

*Image via Noisy Ghost PR 

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