Paper Anthem: By Ghosts

From Fayetteville, Arkansas, Joseph Hitchcock has brought his musical talent to fruition. He started learning to play the piano at a young age and gradually learned to sing and play guitar. Hitchcock has written lots of songs, and although this album was not purposefully written as one body, the songs blend and fuse together to create a fantastic listening experience.

Listen to Cardboard Cove

Taking from bands like Coldplay and Snow Patrol, Hitchcock blends in dozens of different influences, with a twist, to create his own sound. Instead of dueling guitars or rhythm and lead guitars, he uses each hand on a piano to give a similar sound (not to say there are not guitars on this album).

Listen to Trinity Eye

Joseph often had to deal with the feeling of being stuck in a small town, possibly one of the greatest motivators ever. He took that, as well as his love for sci-fi and fantastical games and literature and built a world in his songs.

In a world that thrives on meaningless pop songs that are simply to make money, music like Paper Anthem’s is often overlooked. It is technical, complex and not overly catchy. But the talent and skill that Hitchcock shows in this album, and the depth of the lyrics, prove that he deserves to be heard.

I have not listened to an album that hit me as hard as this one. There was not a single line or verse but rather the entire experience that overtook me. At 52 minutes and 25 seconds, it is not a short album and it is time consuming to listen through. But it is a brilliant album and the composition seems as though it was his fifth or sixth studio album.

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Songs to Remember: Guardian Angel, Hills Hills Hills, Speechless
Songs to Forget: Rome, Coil

Rating: 8.7/10

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