Marion Walker releases “Serious Picnic”

On June 23, Marion Walker will release their new EP, Serious Picnic. The EP, however, only features one track that is split into three sections. This 11 minute and 11 second track features Seriously, Silver Drone and Volunteers.

The trio, made up of Jessie Marion Smith, Kyle Walker Akins and Donovan Jordan Williams split their time between Reno, NV and Seattle, WA. With wailing guitars, fuzzy distortion and melted vocals, Marion Walker has brought the garage band sound into the open.

While most bands are releasing their records on vinyl and CD, Marion Walker went in a different direction, a more Seattle and Portlandia appropriate direction. With their record label, Casino Trash, they are releasing the Serious Picnic EP on limited edition cassette.

The band, which sounds like, as their PR company refers to them,” a head-on collision between doomy, bleak worlds and fuzzed-out, technicolor tones.” This may description may not seem like your taste, but the band has done a great job of blending their respective talents into a solid EP and a hopefully promising album to come.

*Image and audio via Noisy Ghost PR

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