Listen to This: Marauding in Paradise

Jazz Cartier, a rapper based out of Toronto, has been making waves with his debut mixtape Marauding in Paradise. The excitement surrounding the project, within the hip-hop community, has been getting people talking and it looks like Cartier could be one of 2015’s breakout stars.

There are many reasons why this is one of the best projects to come out this year. The production is outstanding throughout the entire tape, Cartier’s flows and delivery are engaging and entertaining and he is able to create catchy hooks and quotable lines without sacrificing lyrical quality.

The main part of Marauding in Paradise is Jazz’s effortless ability to switch styles and bring balance to the mixtape. One song, he’ll be in your face with intensity so ferocious that the raw energy can’t help but to get you hyped up, such as on
“Holy Shit.” The very next track though, he’ll slow it down to create a laid back and vulnerable environment where he shares his life and the struggles that come with it, like on “Too Good to Be True.” It is also impressive that an upcoming artist like Jazz is very consistent throughout a 16-track tape, as most young rappers struggle with their capability to hold the listener’s interest throughout. That is not the case with Marauding in Paradise though as it captures your attention from the captivating opening track, “Guardian Angel”, to the closing of the tape with “See You In Hell”.

There are really no major missteps or faults in this mixtape. While a few songs could maybe be trimmed down and one or two songs cut completely, it is incredibly well rounded and polished. Cartier is still honing his sound and skill as an artist so his presence on tracks can be a little rough around the edges at times. Other than that though, there aren’t many bad things that can be said about Marauding in Paradise.

Even though the year is only half over, it would be surprising if Marauding in Paradise was not being one of the best rap projects of 2015. Jazz Cartier’s talent is clearly on display and it seems as if the sky is the limit for him. This is most likely
only the beginning of a very promising career and people everywhere are excited to see what Cartier has in store for the future.

Standout tracks: New Religion, Rose Quartz/Like Crazy, Dead or Alive
Forgettable tracks: Forever Ready/Band on a Bible, Feel Something

Score: 8.4/10

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