Good Field releases second album, “Future Me”

Good Field released their first album in 2012 after Paul Price assembled a few musicians for live performance. The songs for that album and this one were primarily recorded at secluded locations or on their portable rig.Just listening to the songs, they won’t sound like anything special. But when you take the album as a whole, you find a wide range of styles and sounds that give us a glimpse of the backgrounds that each member has brought to Good Field.

Their dreamy, Bob Dylan-esk sound with the 70’s style guitar keeps the songs light and easy to listen too, but subtleties that were added in post-production have really made a world of difference. James Petralli, of White Denim, spent weeks in a studio with Price adding creative mix and production ideas to polish the album.

Good Field has made quite a name for themselves as they have performed at SXSW and Fun Fun Fun Fest. They also broke the top 100 on CMJ’s Top 200.

Future Me has a simplistic sound with lingering harmonics that leave a listener feeling alone at times, but never without a positive note. As one song reaches the most barren, another song starts and brings the tempo and vibe back up.

Good Field will be releasing this album on July 28. Until then, you can listen to songs from their debut album.

Songs to remember: Business, Telecommunication, Tonight
Songs to forget: Hospital Bed, Wait

Rating: 7.5/10

*Image via Noisy Ghost PR

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