Emery: You Were Never Alone

Emery released their sixth album from their own record label, BadChristian Music. The response to this album was incredible. In a week, the record sold 9,000 copies, not including what was illegally downloaded. It jumped to the top of the Billboard Christian chart, the 6th best independent album and the 31st album overall.

Emery isn’t afraid to change it up. It’s been 10 years since they released The Question and the fans have stayed loyal the whole time. Every album that Emery releases is going to be rock and the typical emo sound. But Emery can’t be counted on to maintain the standard. They have thrown in so much into this album. It is a beautiful mix of harmonious vocals, technical guitar riffs and great lyrics, but they have also gone harder on some of these songs. “Thrash” is one of the hardest songs from them that we have even seen, but at the same time, they change it into one of the softest and easiest songs to listen to.

At only 41 minutes long, it goes by in a flash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Every song, every second is packed with great music, you really never stop having fun. From the moment I pressed play until the moment that the next album on my iTunes started, I was in love. It’s not perfect, I don’t want you to get that impression, but gives a great first impression.

The album starts out calm with “Rock, Pebble, Stone,” and I was, to be honest, a little worried about this album. I love music like that– but come on– I mean, this is Emery. After just 3 minutes, the aptly named “Thrash” came on and I was taken back to the first time I heard The Question. You Were Never Alone has continued a great line of albums from Emery and it is definitely going to help pay the bills at BadChristian Music. This is going to be a household album for any fans of the genre. This is a great album, on the verge of fantastic. But no, it does not beat out The Question. It is definitely going to be a favorite and one to remember.

Best Tracks: Thrash, The Less You Say, Pink Slip
Forgettable Tracks: (Only because I had to pick one) Salvatore Wryhta

Rating: 7.1

*Image belongs to Emery and BadChristian Music

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