At.Long.Last.A$AP Review

Before May 2015, if you were to ask a person who was decently familiar with Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky to describe his music, you’d probably hear responses such as “fun party songs” or “lots of style and little substance”. But with the release of his highly anticipated album At.Long.Last.A$AP., Rocky attempts to change that reputation.

Many things have changed for Rocky since his last album, but nothing as big as the passing of Rocky’s close friend and founder of the A$AP Mob, A$AP Yams. His unfortunate death has seemed to mellow Rocky and make him contemplate life more. The opening track, “Holy Ghost”, has A$AP Rocky reflecting on his relationship with God and how it has been tested.

The following pieces of the album create a sound that diverges from what fans of Rocky are used to hearing. He claims to have taken psychedelics while creating the album, which is evident in the spacey, sometimes haunting production. This is especially notable on songs such as “L$D” and “Pharsyde”. However, Rocky does have a couple tracks that revert to his hard-hitting style such as “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodeye 2” and “M’s (Remix)”.

Overall, this project shows that A$AP Rocky is maturing and experimenting with his sound, which is refreshing. While the 18 track album could have been cut down to about 13 or 14, the album is capable of keeping your interest through multiple listens due to the outstanding beats paired with Rocky’s smooth flow and delivery. While some of fans may not like the direction that he is moving, Rocky is trying to embrace a more artistic side and it is paying off: causing A.L.L.A to be one of the more enjoyable and well put together rap albums this year.

Standout Tracks: Holy Ghost, Excuse Me, Everyday

Forgettable Tracks: West Side Highway, Better Things

Score: 8.1/10

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